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Do your campaigns focus on making people feel good?

Donors are the lifeblood of your organisation, so it’s crucial to ensure that their journey in partnering with your organisation is one that makes them feel good, proud and motivated to give. So, the question is what type of journey are you taking your donors on?


Don’t underestimate the power of making donors feel good

Some organisations send fear or guilt driven campaigns that are feeling quite outdated and are less effective.

Taking a positive approach towards fundraising is more important than ever after the exhausting COVID time we have all been experiencing.

Think about how you’d plan a long road trip…  with your favourite music and stops for coffee to make heading for the destination a pleasure.

A world-renowned expert on the psychology behind donor giving is Dr Jen Shang, Co-Director of the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

She says: “If organizations focus on making their people feel better, giving can increase by up to 140%, repeatedly, from the same people, campaign after campaign… When you focus on the factors that make people feel better in your communications… Giving increases, repeatedly, campaign after campaign.”


A great supporter journey starts with knowing your donor’s motivations

Want to really set yourself apart as an organisation that understands its supporters’ motivations?

Go beyond their basic demographics such as their age and income. Find out about their identity and values – their donations are these in action!

Finding out what they’re feeling and thinking along the way. For example, they may feel sadness at the problem, hope they can help one person, then determined to help more people… and finally proud of the difference they’ve made.


Respect your donor’s support

Supporters want to feel they matter, are making a difference, changing lives. Being able to be part of something bigger than themselves is something they can control. It’s a positive distraction from the struggles they don’t have any control over.

You are helping them feel good about their lives when you’re presenting them opportunities and choices as to what their gift does.

Thank them – lots. Directly and also in language like: ‘because of you’.


Infuse empathy and emotion into your communications 

You’re already an expert at this. Now give it a positive spin. Become practised at expressing emotion. Being vulnerable and honest builds trust.

Use emotive storytelling to clearly show them the problem in a way that sparks hope and shows them a clear positive solution. Show them the part they play in bringing about a transformative resolution.


Consider all the touchpoints

There are multiple interactions between your donor and your organisation that can match donor’s values, emotions and ambitions. Touchpoints can be direct, such as Thank-you letters, or indirect (harder to track but important), such as social media content.

Segment your donors. For example, retirees may favour Facebook and direct mail letters.

Getting to know your donors as the amazing people they are and infusing positive emotions into your touchpoints with them will have them loving your cause.



So, what do you think? Can you fundraise without guilt and fear? At Redstone Marketing we believe you can and should. Gone are the days of sad, guilt-tripping fundraising. As a creative marketing and fundraising studio, we can help you take your campaigns to the next level. Book a free 15-minute free chat with us. We can help you create a personalised, positive and truly inspiring donor journey that gets results!