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When you’re an organisation that’s starting to scale, it can be hard to keep wearing all the hats. When you’re run off your feet, getting to important tasks just before their deadline, and feeling way too overwhelmed to bring your next campaign to life – it’s time to start outsourcing. But how do you convince the director or board that it’s worth the investment? Below we unpack some of the benefits you can use to create a case for support.



Outsourcing to a creative fundraising agency gives you back time to focus on your donors

Outsourcing can instantly create space for you to focus on your donors and build new relationships. Delegating tasks that are better executed by a creative agency allows you to really hone in on what you specialise in.



Working with an external creative fundraising agency will spark new ideas

By engaging a creative agency that is skilled in fundraising, you can release the responsibility of having to know what design will work. Sometimes, after spending years doing the same thing, it can be second nature to assume your target audience will resonate with a particular creative direction. Testing new ideas can be risky if you haven’t tried them before.

Redstone is an agency that has worked with fundraisers for years perfecting packs and analysing the outcomes for a range of different audiences, meaning you can test new packs and creative angles, with the guidance of a creative team, that has worked with a range of charities and know what works. That’s why at Redstone Marketing we help design campaigns that are creatively unique, showcase great storytelling and connect donors.


Creative fundraising agencies are more cost-effective

Not only does outsourcing your ongoing campaigns to a creative agency free up your time, but it also saves your organisation income in the long run. There’s a lot to be said for hiring experts in their field. Sure, the alternative is hiring more staff on an annual wage and fixed overhead costs. By contracting a creative fundraising agency, they onboard you. You can literally brief them on the job, and let them bring your campaign to life.


Needing an extra pair of hands, or a small army to help you with your next campaign? At Redstone Marketing we’d love to help you create your next appeal with ease! Jump on a 15-minute free call to tell us your needs.