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So, you’ve heard that a Regular Giving program could be the missing link to long-term financial stability. You know that there’s a bit involved to get it all up and running, but you have no idea where to start. Here are the four foundational areas to consider when planning your Face-to-Face or Regular Giving program.



Systems and processes will save you from the awkward conversations

In this day and age there are plenty of systems that you can invest in to help you move your donors through the onboarding process, all the way through to retention. But which areas need a system or automation, and which can go without?

Here are some of the systems and processes that we recommend investing in:

  • A CRM that is set up to take Regular Giving donations. CRMs are not all equal, so take the time to talk to an expert or do your own thorough research to see which CRM works best for the processes you will need to put in place.
  • A detailed “bank rejection” follow-up plan for those who have insufficient funds, lost, stolen, and expired cards. Most donors are well-intentioned, but sometimes life throws them a curveball and they don’t have the funds to make their recurring donation. It can be an awkward conversation, thankfully, there are systems out there that can automate messages when triggered. With a bank rejection plan in place, on the occasion it needs to be utilised, the conversation will be a lot smoother and less confrontational than doing it on the fly.
  • Welcome and nurture sequences – don’t start recruiting unless you have a Donor Stewardship journey in place. Your donors have made a long-term commitment to your organisation so ensuring that you have a proper engagement and nurture sequence in place will keep them connected and feeling that they are part of your mission in making a difference.


It all comes down to the product

Position your Regular Giving program as a stand-alone product; it will have its own name, sub-brand, price point, and messaging. Why? We know that recurring giving is targeting a certain audience persona, therefore it will need to be thoroughly planned and created in a way that attracts them.

Now that you’re capturing donors into a CRM, the data will show trends for certain donors. Create a Regular Giving program portfolio to upsell to donors that you’re noticing are making consistent donations on their own accord. In saying that, ensure that you have prepared Regular Giving donor upgrades. The reason to upgrade must be a tangible one i.e convenience, automation, and time-saving. The amount won’t be far from their current giving level so this shouldn’t be an issue. Create the program in a way that the donors who are already showcasing recurring behaviour won’t feel like this upgrade is a leap but more of a skip in the right direction.


Launching your program does not require it to be fully finalised

The best products/programs and services on the market are always being tweaked, refined, and innovated to uphold a strong and trustworthy reputation.

Launching is just one step but the real fine-tuning comes down to the auditing. Auditing may seem like a job for another day, but we can assure you that to keep your organisation ahead of the curve, knowing how your program is performing based on feedback and the collated data is imperative to its success.

Asking yourself, “What should I be auditing?” We recommend taking account of:

  • Processes
  • Queries
  • Data
  • Trends
  • Contract
  • Feedback
  • Retention Rate

On top of that, know the metrics you need to measure that will ensure you are across your Regular Giving program’s performance.


You’re only as good as your team

You’re excited, rearing to get this show on the road… but there is one integral point that should be made before you start recruiting. Ensure you know your contract inside and out.

When helping our clients, we always recommend that they request some key reports and measurements from their F2F supplier that will help them get better quality donors recruited and guarantee they are only paying for the better-performing contacts.

Whether it’s database set up, Regular Giving product development, or ongoing and comprehensive donor journeys, we can certainly help steer you in the right direction.



Want a hand with your Regular Giving product? Contact us today so we can help you curate a high performing Regular Giving program without the road bumps along the way.