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Donor Development That Gets Results

How do you get donors to give more, for longer?

It starts by understanding what they want: to be engaged, to be informed, and to feel valued. If you’re doing this successfully, your organisation will be rewarded with high donor retention.

In other words, your donors will continue to give year after year.

If retention is low, however, you’ll always be chasing new donors just to keep up, and then scrambling to hold them for the long-term.

The solution is a well-timed and warm welcome phase, followed by an ongoing communications plan, for each of your donors. With a focus on authentic relationships and superb content, you can build loyalty and increase donor retention rates.

Redstone has developed many personalised communication plans for non-profits looking to engage further with their donors so they give more, for longer and in different ways.

We are always happy to share our experience and findings with you, so if you feel like discussing ideas on donor retention feel free to contact us.