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Cold hard truth

Cold hard truth

Youth Off The Streets Direct Mail Appeal


Direct Mail, eDM & Press Ads


Warm and lapsed donors


Youth Homelessness




Youth Off The Streets (YOTS) helps young people who are homeless, drug dependent and recovering from abuse. As the colder months approached, they asked us to develop a direct mail campaign that conveys the wintertime urgency of shelter, food and access to basic hygiene. We also needed to explain how YOTS connects with young people as early as possible, so they have the best chance for a better future.



With great input from the YOTS fundraising team, we created a pack that highlighted the Cold Hard Truth around homelessness during winter. Through clever design and strong copy, we purposefully contrasted winter images and messages with the warmth and safety of a donor’s support. Dark colours were used for winter, while YOTS brand colours were used to highlight warmth and a brighter future.

We also created an interactive response piece. Donors chose a sticker that represented the area of support for at-risk young people that meant the most to them – food, shelter, hygiene. Imagery and key messages were rolled out in press ads as well as digital.



By interacting with donors and encouraging them to physically take action with the stickers, YOTS has enjoyed a higher response rate.