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Make Noise

Ovarian Cancer Australia


TARGET AUDIENCE Warm and lapsed donors

TYPE OF CHARITY Cancer Charity

DATE 2018




Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) is committed to saving lives and supporting women affected by ovarian cancer. This was our second appeal for OCA and we knew we wanted to create a campaign with a powerful advocacy tone – one that would drive response rates, lift average gifts and acquire new donors.



The appeal centred on Caitlin, an ovarian cancer survivor who was frustrated at the “lack of teal” (OCA’s colour for their cause) in the public domain. Her story was incredibly moving, and our creative journey evolved directly from her quote: “We need to make more noise. It’s time for teal.”

Make Noise worked both offline and digitally to create a sense of movement and of doing something. The engagement piece was a sticker designed as a soundwave for donors to sign and send back; returned stickers will cover a wall at the OCA to visually represent donor support and passion, as well as to make noise around ovarian cancer.



By compelling donors to do something other than donate, the campaign supported OCA’s mission to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.