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Breast Cancer Network Australia

ACTIVITY Warm Donor Appeal


TARGET AUDIENCE Warm and Lapsed one-off donors

TYPE OF CHARITY Cancer support




Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) supports Australians affected by breast cancer. Their passion was evident from the get-go; the entire team cared deeply about giving every person diagnosed with breast cancer support and information during an exceptionally difficult time. By the end of our first meeting, we already knew the direction for their tax time campaign; the stories we heard were so inspiring that the only approach was going to be 100% donor-centric.



The idea for the campaign stemmed from listening to personal experiences – women who felt their identity was overshadowed by the label of breast cancer, and who wanted to reclaim their power. Cue the tagline, I am not breast cancer. I am me.

 By integrating direct mail and digital, we elevated the campaign to something bigger; women were encouraged to share personal stories of resilience online, and in doing so BCNA gained a new audience.



The appeal received 4th place in the National Not For Profit Innovation Index, which was largely thanks to our creative concepts, thorough planning and meticulous delivery. More importantly, BCNA saw great results in acquisition, reactivation and average gift amount.