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Welcome to the Audio Revolution

The Good Space Podcast X Redstone Marketing and Design

Podcasts are a global phenomenon. Listeners tune in while en route to the gym, doing chores or on their way to work. It’s an intimate one-on-one experience that thousands of Australians are enjoying every day – and the uptake is increasing.

Exceptional storytelling lies at the heart of fundraising, so it makes a whole lot of sense to support your donor experience with audio tales that will engage your donors on a much deeper level.

That’s why we created The Good Space, a podcast production agency specifically for the non-profit industry. We connect Australian charities to a global audience by telling stories people actually want to hear. We are fundraisers, marketers and writers, and we have the expert knowledge to build compelling narratives and craft shows in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Podcasts achieve the most success when audio content is created with purpose and a good understanding of your donors and what matters to them. More than that, if you integrate podcasts into your wider marketing and fundraising mix by tying them to an appeal or campaign, you’ll have greater opportunity to thoughtfully and genuinely share your message, vision and mission.

Making waves

Podcasting stats we need to be aware of as Marketers and Fundraisers.

From the ABC Podcast Research report 2018 – Audience data and Insights:

Podcast awareness is high


of Australians aged 18-75 are aware of podcasts

listeners are tuning in frequently


of podcast listeners have listened in the last 24 hours

listening to more podcasts


have listened to more podcast this year, compared to last year.

listeners are engaged


of podcasts are listened to from start to finish. On average people are listening to 6 episodes a week.

Who's listening?

58% of females


41% of males

Want to join the audio revolution? Fill out the contact form below. We’ll send you The Good Kit – a look inside who we are and how, through sound, we bring stories to life. Your stories. The ones that spark conversations. Empower people to action. And inspire a new generation to stand up and drive change.