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Our Services

At Redstone, our vibrant and passionate team is here to help not for profit organisations gain and retain the right kind of donors. We put insight above all else, and use it to drive successful fundraising and communications solutions.

Our approach is collaborative, which means you’ll often find us working as part agency and part extension of your own team. Simply speaking, we work together to plan and deliver on fundraising strategy, regular giving programs, direct mail appeals, copywriting and graphic design.

Want impact? A clear strategy and marketing plan is the first step. We have strategists and creative thinkers who will take the time to understand your unique needs and objectives before coming up with solutions. This way, you’ll know exactly where you’re going, and when you’ve arrived.

Plan for the future with a sustainable source of income. With 16 years experience in Regular Giving and Face-to-Face programs, Redstone can deliver start up programs, forecasting models and donor-centric communications for both large and small organisations wishing to diversify their income streams.

Redstone has developed many personalised communication plans for non-profits looking to engage further with their donors so they give more, for longer and in different ways. With a focus on authentic relationships and superb content, you can build loyalty and increase donor retention rates.

Stand out with a message that matters and a story that’s hard to forget. No appeal is the same and we spend time at the start to get the strategy right to achieve your goals. We believe the best approach is a donor-centric approach, which means putting the donor first through powerful storytelling, clever design and unique concepts. The end result will yield great response rates in reactivation and larger gifts.

Design is more than just what it looks like. It’s about creating experiences that compel donors to take action. At Redstone, our team is brimming with creative thinkers and digital doers who bring a new perspective to fundraising communications and appeals. Our focus is – and always has been – on unique campaign concepts that empower your donors to give, and give again.

Exceptional storytelling lies at the heart of fundraising. We help craft audio stories to support your donor experience that will engage your donors on a much deeper level. Created with purpose and a good understanding of your donors it’s a great opportunity to thoughtfully and genuinely share your message, vision and mission.

Redstone is experienced in designing data structures within a database to ensure you get full functionality from your system. We design the data structures and processes so that organisations have a robust and sophisticated tool to drive their fundraising strategy.

Language is a powerful tool. And for communications to be effective, words and images must work together. That’s why we offer writing services to help you tell your stories and connect with donors. From the technical to the creative, we can provide copywriting for annual reports, direct mail appeals, websites, newsletters and more.


Need tips on how to create a personalised donor engagement plan on a large scale?
We’ve got you covered. Redstone has put together a comprehensive Donor Development Guide for you to download.