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Converting one-off donors to regular givers is a cornerstone of Individual Giving. It not only secures sustainable and predictable funding but it also creates deeper donor engagement, while being cost-effective.

A strong Individual Giving program includes acquisition, development, retention and reactivation activities. Converting one-off donors to regular givers is a donor development activity that engages donors more deeply and is an important activity for sustainable fundraising.

Nonprofits survive on the generosity of donors, and while one-time donations provide an immediate boost, the transformation of these donors into regular givers can significantly enhance an organisation’s long-term income.

The Importance of One-Off Donor Conversion

Regular giving provides a reliable income stream that enables organisations to plan and implement long-term projects with greater confidence. Unlike the unpredictability of one-off donations, a steady flow of funds ensures that programs and services can be maintained and expanded.

Why Target One-Off Donors?

One-off donors have already demonstrated an interest in and commitment to your cause, making them a valuable pool of potential regular supporters. These donors trust you and when the time is right, they are more likely to respond positively to conversion.

When is the Best Time to Convert One-Off Donors?

Timing is critical in converting one-off donors to regular givers. They need to be engaged with your cause and trust that their funds are being used correctly. Redstone determines the best time, after data analysis on your one-off donors, to determine the best time to convert your one-off donors.

Benefits of Regular Giving

Financial Stability: With a predictable stream of income, organisations can budget more effectively and allocate resources where they are most needed, ensuring the continuity and expansion of programs.

Improved Planning: Regular funding allows for strategic long-term planning. Nonprofits can invest in comprehensive programs, conduct research, and innovate without the constant pressure of securing immediate funds.

Stronger Donor Relationships: Ongoing communication with regular giving donors is different to one-off donors, so their engagement can create stronger relationships. This loyalty often translates into higher lifetime value, as regular donors are more likely to increase their contributions over time and participate in legacy giving.

Community Building: Regular donors should feel part of a like-minded community. This sense of belonging can lead to increased advocacy, word-of-mouth referrals, and the recruitment of new donors.

Administrative Efficiency: Automated regular giving processes reduce administration, allowing staff to focus on other fundraising activities.


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