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4 key ways to mobilise your donors and raise awareness of your cause

Nothing beats a happy supporter.


Because a happy supporter is a passionate supporter – and that means they’ll be the best spokesperson for your cause. They’ll spread your message, sing your praises, empower others, get involved, share their story, and rally communities.

A happy supporter is a powerful, cost-effective marketing and fundraising strategy. So if you’re not already, let’s take a look at how you can mobilise your advocates to advance your mission.

Bring your happy supporters onto your team

Once you’ve identified your most passionate advocates, invite them to join an exclusive group designed just for them, run by a dedicated member of your staff. It’s a fantastic way to keep them engaged long-term, and your cause front-of-mind year-round.

By asking them to partner with you, they’ll feel like they’re joining something bigger than themselves. They’ll feel valued. Wanted. More compelled to volunteer, fundraise or spread awareness.


Get your happy supporters to spread their happiness

Happiness is contagious.

Here’s an example:

You have a valued supporter, let’s name her Emily. Emily is passionate about your cause. She teaches at a secondary school. She attends church on Sunday. She goes to the gym twice a week. She posts regularly on social media – and has active, engaged followers.

Now let’s say you make Emily feel special (by using the suggestions in this post). You then arm her with information about your cause and encourage her to advocate on your behalf.

Emily will feel empowered to spread your message – or your latest report, donor appeal and fundraising campaign – to her friends at work, her church, her gym and online. That one person who feels valued by your organisation can be instrumental in gaining more case studies, more referrals, more leads and more money.


Invite your happy supporters to give their feedback

What did they enjoy about your event? What could be improved with your newsletter? What content would they like to receive? Who would they like to hear from? Is the font large enough, the colours bold enough, the writing powerful enough?

Asking supporters for their opinion makes them feel valued. It shows them that their voice matters, and because they want to see you thrive they’ll give open, honest and constructive feedback.


Encourage your happy supporters to tell everyone else online

Reviews matter.

How many times have you searched for something online, only to be swayed by other people’s recommendations? If something has a one or two star review, for example, you’re more likely to pass on that product or service, and look elsewhere.

The same goes for non-profits.

If someone had a poor experience with the charity you were about to donate to, you might think twice about handing over your money. So it’s worth encouraging your happy supporters to leave a positive review online. You never know who it may influence.


In short, love your donors and they’ll love you back.

Good fundraising consultants can help you identify your most active, loyal and passionate supporters, and guide you on how best to harness that energy and use it to your advantage.

To not tap in to that potential is a huge missed opportunity for your organisation, so if you’re not quite sure where to start or how, get in touch with Redstone today.