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When the end of financial year rolls around, it’s pretty much a given – every charity you know will be sending out their strongest tax appeal. Although the noise for donors is high, there are a few things you can do to stand out in the crowded fundraising space.


Use contrast and colour to make your branding pop

It’s no secret, colour attracts the eye. But how do you present a hard-hitting, emotion-evoking need with happy bright colours?

Our work for Youth Off The Street’s direct mail appeal is a helpful example. With great input from the YOTS fundraising team, we created a pack that highlighted the Cold Hard Truth around homelessness during winter. Through clever design and strong copy, we purposefully contrasted winter images and messages with the warmth and safety of a donor’s support. Dark, cooler shades were used for winter, while YOTS brand colours (purple and yellow) alluded a bright and hopeful solution should one choose to act.


Personalise the design and invite the reader to interact

Before the contents of a pack can be truly appreciated, a reader has to first open the envelope. At Redstone Marketing, we know that it doesn’t matter how powerful the letter of your appeal is, if your envelope is getting tossed.

Assisting Monash University with their greatest performing alumni appeal yet, we designed a truly engaging outer envelope that had a peel to reveal sticker on the front. Underneath, the name of the alumni and their graduating year was printed amidst the messaging: ‘A decade that shaped the world.’ Not only was this piece highly interactive and cut-through, but the purposeful messaging actually positions the reader from the onset to view themselves as powerful, significant and a ‘world-changer’… which will warm them up to the fact that every action they take will make a difference.



Creatively show how a gift will make a difference

Most organisations are really good at demonstrating the need, however, many find it hard to show how it will make a difference.

When helping a supporter feel confident about giving to your organisation – evidence that the programs work is still important. For those wondering if this will take away from the need, we advise that the letter remain completely story-focused with the reader being the solution to the problem at hand. An additional lift or motivation piece that goes into the pack is where you can demonstrate how others have taken the same action and made a difference for other beneficiaries in the past, that way the need is still strong, but the confidence of the supporter is also strengthened.

When designing, smiling happy beneficiaries are always going to be a great way to showcase this. The aim by the end of the pack is to not only to demonstrate the need but show the full transformation possible with their help.

In a nutshell, looking for ways to make your design stand out requires creativity and an understanding of what will motivate the reader to keep taking the next step that you’re asking them to take.



Was this helpful? Do you need support with creating your tax-time appeal? Download your copy of the Redstone Marketing and Design Briefing template here. Alternatively, you can book a discovery session with us to get help with your appeal.