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When strategically planning for your future fundraising campaigns, it’s essential to undergo an in-depth evaluation of your past campaigns, critically assessing the design, ask and response. At Redstone Marketing, we’re big on sharing the strategic thinking that goes behind a visually powerful campaign.


The importance of looking at past successful campaigns

The evaluation of past campaigns is crucial in forming successful future campaigns. It’s important to look at both the strengths and weaknesses to identify which areas could do with some creative improvements.

Which platforms did you use? Did you tailor the content according to the channel? Was your direct mail campaign repurposed for an online campaign successfully? Which parts translated online well? Which areas need tweaking in future?

Wondering how to analyse this? A good start is to think about the type of enquiries your call centre received per campaign. Were supporters confused on how to donate online?

Did coupons and forms come back incorrectly filled out? Were there complaints on the language, message or overall sentiment of the campaign?

Design can have a greater impact on the response of a campaign than most realise. If you’d like a team of fundraising designers to help you, get in touch here to book a free consultation.


Leveraging from key giving times of the year

With the hustle and bustle of presents, roast lambs, and decorations, you would assume that Christmas would be a time when pocket lining runs thin. Shockingly enough, that’s not the case for charitable donations and giving campaigns that run during this time. Statistically, nearly one third of all annual donations are made within the month of December alone, with twelve percent coming in on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December.

Despite the end of year surge earning a significant portion of the giving pie, it’s important to remember to warm up your supporters to the idea of giving consistently throughout the year. Establishing a loyal audience who looks forward to hearing from you and giving to your cause is based on a trustworthy, respectful relationship.

It’s also important to not neglect other high times for donations such as Easter, ANZAC Day, and Mother’s Day. As many giving campaigns rely on empathic responses from your target audience, days that are dedicated to being more thoughtful and empathetic are a great opportunity to harness.


Creating empathy and excitement in your design

There really is nothing more powerful than creating meaningful stories for your donor to interact with.

When coming up to the busiest giving times of year, what is it about your organisation that sets it apart from the rest? What impact are you making for the beneficiaries? What stories do your volunteers echo to their friends and family about why they love being connected to your mission?

Although many will invest a huge amount in ensuring these stories are transcribed and written up in a way that inspires response, it goes without saying that a picture really can say a thousand words.

With more people online than ever, creating powerful visual content that stops the scroll and holds attention is key.

Need help with ensuring your  campaign designs are strategic, forward-thinking and set for success? At Redstone Marketing we can jump on a call with you to help you with the next steps. Book a free consultation here.