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Fundraising Resources


Want to know how to get donors to give more, for longer? Avoid wasting time trying to test what works and get access to our donor retention materials based on years of analysis into the most effective ways to keep donors giving more for longer.

Multichannel Fundraising Guide

It’s the hot topic on every fundraiser’s lips. But while many organisations have taken up the mantle of multichannel fundraising, it’s a lot harder to get right than you may think. Ready to implement it into your campaign strategies? Download your copy today.

Design brief template

From setting your objectives to clarifying your message, at Redstone Marketing and Design, we’ve formulated a unique briefing checklist for our clients to ensure that they launch a successful fundraising campaign.

6 Emails You Need to Send to Donors

The power of a thank you email should never be underestimated. But how do you write one that’s clear, personal, warm and engaging? And what other emails should you be sending to your donors to remind them that you appreciate their support? Here are 6 emails you need to send now.