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Get off the Treadmill

With Acquisition incredibly difficult (and expensive) in the current marketplace, New Donor Retention at 19.2% and Reactivation rates as low as 4%.


Donor Journey is critical

Its purpose is to engage and retain your donors from the moment they make their first gift and then nurture them ongoing throughout their relationship with you.


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Our Donor Journeys are custom made for your donors and your cause. Each Redstone Journey will:

  • Focus you on being Donor Committed
  • Provide your donors with relevant and valuable content
  • Create a community
  • Tell your stories
  • Meet your donors’ needs
  • Deliver interactions that grow donor loyalty


Redstone are the leading Individual Giving specialists and our focus is donor acquisition, retention, development and reactivation.

With the cost of living on the rise and households facing increasing demands, now is the time to focus on donor retention. Redstone has many tried and true activities and tactics to help ensure a steady stream of support for your cause from your existing donors.

Our team understands the critical role of maintaining strong relationships with your current donors, so let Redstone help you maintain and strengthen your relationships with your donors.

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