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With increasing avenues for engaging in digital acquisition activities, below we unpack some creative ways to spread the word, grow awareness and get the right people talking about your cause or campaign. Ultimately, with a strong multi-channel strategy in place and a commitment to testing some outside-the-box thinking, connecting with the people who will fall in love with your mission will become more and more like second-nature.



Create a referral strategy

There are two types of referrals; one – where organisations or brands with aligned (but not competing) values collaborate or promote your cause, and two – when your current donors spread the word or share your campaign with their own network.

Although this can happen naturally, having a strategy in place to make sure you are intentionally working toward referrals will guarantee a better chance of reaching more potential donors.

A great example of a partnership that spreads the word about your cause is World Vision’s 2016 #headbandforgood ambassador and selfie campaign promoted by ANZ and Novak Djokovic. But for more simple attempts at partnerships, collaborations and a strong referral strategy, simply brainstorming a list of aligned media outlets or people of influence is a great place to start with the plan to invest in earned media. This is when you either guest blog, become a podcast guest, pitch an article to a news outlet or create a giveaway together – just to name a few.

Not only do you reach other audiences, but you also create further credibility by earning a spot on their platform – furthermore reaching their audience.

As for encouraging your current audience to spread the word about your organisation… always remember that by investing in a strong welcome and nurture pathway, you set yourself up for the best chance at donor loyalty and satisfaction. Then, sprinkling the message in your emails and letters, to pass it on becomes less cringe-worthy. For added incentive, a matched gift for every referral could also be on the cards.


Use paid advertising to accelerate your growth

You’re playing a slow game when you’re only relying on organic search.

To drive more traffic to your campaign, site, or ongoing organic content, investing a small budget that can help get your message to more people can help connect the right people to your organisation, faster. We wouldn’t recommend only relying on paid advertising to reach new donors, but it is a way to add a little boost to your current strategy.

Think beyond social media, creating a paid ad on Google will also help you rank higher in the search results.


Tap into new growth strategies using social media

Video is king in 2021. If you are scrolling through social media you will realise how much focus there is on short-form media: Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, Youtube Shorts.

These creative outlets are being pushed by their platforms more so now than ever. It’s high-time now to take advantage of this opportunity to gain more reach.

Intimidated by social media? Show the world behind the scenes of your charity, where your donations go, a day in the life of a donor or your team, the list goes on!

Another way to connect with new potential donors is to get authentic, User-Generated Content (UGC).

UGC made a resurgence during the pandemic for many charities and organisations, as full-blown structured campaigns were limited and for many could not be created during lockdown. People buy from people, so seeing real people talk about the ‘why’ behind why they give, will hit home with your ideal audience on more of an emotional level.

There are so many new, exciting and creative ways you can acquire new donors, each as powerful as the other when implemented well.

When thinking about your next campaign ensure to think about the whole experience for your donor. Create a complete picture of what it feels like to be part of something greater in the world, and use people, brands and the voices they know, like and trust to deliver that message.


Need support with getting creative with your next campaign? Book in a 15-minute free chat with us to make sure you ace the execution!