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Formula: Open with Emotion, Close with Logic


When it comes to engaging with potential donors, winning their attention can feel like navigating a crowded marketplace. However, as an NFP, you possess a powerful tool to make genuine impact:

emotional storytelling.

To begin, dive into individual donors’ needs, wants, desires, and aspirations. By understanding and addressing these motivations, you can craft captivating content that resonates on an emotional level, stirring them to take action – a click, a download, a donation, sign-up or read more.



At this stage, you need to shift the focus of your story towards addressing the rational needs of your nonprofit. One of the most effective ways to appeal to the logical side is to provide evidence of your impact.

It’s crucial to highlight the value you have delivered collectively. We have created Impact reports, Impact appeals, Annual reports and powerful Case for Support tools for many different charities. Redstone can help you get the rational level right in your comms without putting your donors to sleep…


Re-imagine your Donor Journey

As the old marketing adage goes: have the right message, at the right time, in the right way.

We know after years of testing when the right time for emotion is and when it’s time to wrap it up in a rational nutshell.

Take a closer look at your current donor journey – LOOK and FIND those exciting opportunities to add more emotion or logic so that you are meeting your donors needs while making it clear what it is you need from them.

Look for messaging gaps that may exist (like those powerful impact reports or some fun, lighthearted content where possible).

To help you visualise and evaluate your journey, we are offering a free 30 min call to go through your current donor journey and offer advice or tips to help you get the balance right.

We can help you write your success stories throughout your donor journey to not only captivate but to convert leads by demonstrating the tangible outcomes of your work at just the right time.


Book a free 30-minute Donor Journey session now