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Planning an end-of-financial-year campaign requires more than good timing. It can also be tempting to rely on the added incentive of ‘tax deduction’ to carry your message. At Redstone Marketing we believe these are secondary to success and here’s why…   1. Every other charity will be using the same message At tax time, and just prior, every organisation under the sun will be highlighting the added incentive (which

From setting your objectives to clarifying your message, at Redstone Marketing and Design, we’ve formulated a unique briefing checklist for our clients to ensure that they launch a successful fundraising campaign. Objectives that align with your wider fundraising strategy When setting out to raise funds for a particular project, initiative or campaign, we always spend time with our clients to understand the priority of their goals, how they

There’s one question that we, as fundraising consultants, have been asked again and again since Australia was first plunged into lockdown back in March: Should non-profits continue to ask for donations during this pandemic? Poignantly, fundraising think tank Rogare produced a survey that collated the most frequently encountered objections to fundraising amidst COVID-19, from Canada, the UK and USA. These are just a few. “Many of our members

5 Tips to Creating a Social Media Strategy for your Non-profit Unless you intend on living beneath a rock, there’s no avoiding social media in today’s digital age. But before you start posting, tagging and sharing content, let us ask you this: What is the purpose of social media for non-profits? To clarify, it’s NOT to raise money. Rather, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn should be used

Engage with your donors, build loyalty and drive growth So far, 2020 has been one heck of a year. Bushfires. #MeToo. Brexit. Megxit. Trump’s Impeachment. Black Lives Matter. And then to cap it off life came to a grinding halt in the face of COVID-19. Entire industries decimated, mass unemployment, mandatory masks, travel bans, working from home and unprecedented lockdowns. It’s shaken our country to the bone. So what has