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Donor Journey

Crafting the perfect donor journey is a fine balance If you want to keep your donors, you need to build a great donor journey—one that effortlessly moves your donors through every stage, turning leads into lifelong donors. In late 2022, I ran a Masterclass at an Industry conference where I shared a formula for creating an effective donor journey. The session sparked many "Aha" moments among the participants

Overwhelmed? Underperforming? Feeling a little lost in the fundraising woods?  A fundraising roadmap might be what you need. Creating a winning fundraising roadmap is all about proper planning and preparation—consulting stakeholders, using collected data as a guide, creating a goal-setting strategy, and adapting and refining your process as you go. To help you create the perfect roadmap, here are some key elements that you may have forgotten to

Organisations worldwide rely on a business tool given the title of a three-letter acronym to create successful appeals campaigns. Can you guess what it is? Client Relationship Management (CRM) is the backbone for how organisations manage donor relationships and interactions for current and potential donors. It’s an essential tool that allows organisations and businesses to gain important and insightful data of their target audience such as their

The donor experience is a bit like relationships. If you don’t contact your donor after they’ve given you their best effort, they’ll feel unimportant. If you contact them daily to talk about yourself and demand commitment, they’ll run – fast! In contrast, a considerate, strong welcome journey will delight them and build trust. Here’s a rundown on the elements of a strong welcome journey that you can

Do your campaigns focus on making people feel good? Donors are the lifeblood of your organisation, so it’s crucial to ensure that their journey in partnering with your organisation is one that makes them feel good, proud and motivated to give. So, the question is what type of journey are you taking your donors on?   Don’t underestimate the power of making donors feel good Some organisations send fear

It’s often the dreaded task of the day… calling a lapsed donor. It can feel awkward, intrusive, and maybe a little pushy… if done wrong. However, re-engaging your past supporters is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your active donor pool which is the base of your donor journey (pipeline). Below we’ve outlined some key ways to take the worry out of calling.     Speak to