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When planning or refreshing your Individual Giving (IG) program, both a Fundraising Roadmap and a Fundraising Strategy play crucial roles.

While often used interchangeably, these tools serve distinct purposes and offer unique benefits and challenges.

A strategy provides the overarching vision and your long-term goals, setting the direction and defining the objectives to be achieved. It lays down the guiding principles and the conceptual framework that informs decision-making and resource allocation.

On the other hand, a roadmap is more tactical, offering a clear, visual outline of the steps and milestones necessary to execute the strategy. It is action-oriented, focusing on specific tasks, timelines, and measurable outcomes.

Redstone has provided a number of fundraising strategies and roadmaps over the years but we have found that when organisations really want to strengthen their IG program a Fundraising Roadmap provides a practical way forward.

A Fundraising Roadmap is a critical foundational activity for Individual Giving. It serves as your pathway forward, addressing the four key areas of IG: Acquisition, Retention, Development, and Reactivation of donors. At Redstone, we specialise exclusively in these four areas, making our expertise ideal for developing your team’s Roadmap

Here is a quick look at our process for creating your team’s roadmap:

Discovery session:

Opportunity identification: Discovery provides us with insights into your IG program, allowing us to identify barriers to overcome and opportunities to leverage. This process enables us to map out a strategy to maximise your donors’ lifetime value.

Key Individual Fundraising Areas:

Based on Discovery: We identify and develop key activities for Acquisition, Retention, Development, and Reactivation, setting you up for long-term success. We provide clear, actionable steps to ensure each activity is easy to implement.

Donor Journey Mapping:

Lifecycle Stages: Outline the stages of the key donor lifecycle, from acquisition to retention and upgrading.

Tailored Experiences: Create personalised donor journeys to enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Consistent Messaging: Ensure consistent and compelling messaging across all channels.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Performance Metrics: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of fundraising activities.

Feedback Loops: Implement feedback mechanisms to continuously improve strategies based on donor responses and campaign results.

Sustainability and Growth:

Long-Term Vision: Develop a long-term vision for sustainable growth in Individual Giving.

Innovation: Stay adaptable and open to new fundraising trends and technologies to keep strategies fresh and effective.

Collaboration and Team Alignment:

Unified Efforts: Ensure all team members are aligned with the roadmap and understand their roles in achieving fundraising goals.

Training and Development: Provide ongoing training to staff to enhance their skills and effectiveness.


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