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June 2024

Converting one-off donors to regular givers is a cornerstone of Individual Giving. It not only secures sustainable and predictable funding but it also creates deeper donor engagement, while being cost-effective. A strong Individual Giving program includes acquisition, development, retention and reactivation activities. Converting one-off donors to regular givers is a donor development activity that engages donors more deeply and is an important activity for sustainable fundraising. Nonprofits survive

When planning or refreshing your Individual Giving (IG) program, both a Fundraising Roadmap and a Fundraising Strategy play crucial roles. While often used interchangeably, these tools serve distinct purposes and offer unique benefits and challenges. A strategy provides the overarching vision and your long-term goals, setting the direction and defining the objectives to be achieved. It lays down the guiding principles and the conceptual framework that informs decision-making

Donor surveys are a vital tool to better understand your donors and improve engagement and retention. They are a key foundational activity in any Donor Journey and Individual Giving program. Redstone’s survey design helps you understand your donors like never before. Our survey work delves deeply into donor motivations and identifies the key streams of donors you need to nurture and develop in your Donor Journey. The benefits

Not sure why your appeal packs aren’t converting? Concerned that your charity’s campaign designs are a little outdated or ineffective? These design secrets will help you to connect with your donors on a visual level to help achieve a higher response rate for your non-profit. Fall in love with simplicity Keep your content short and easy to read. You don’t want to lose those skim readers, or the