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June 2023

When strategically planning for your future fundraising campaigns, it’s essential to undergo an in-depth evaluation of your past campaigns, critically assessing the design, ask and response. At Redstone Marketing, we’re big on sharing the strategic thinking that goes behind a visually powerful campaign.   The importance of looking at past successful campaigns The evaluation of past campaigns is crucial in forming successful future campaigns. It’s important to look at

Imagine you donated $20 to 20 different charities. Fifteen of them sent you a cookie-cutter thank you letter about two weeks after you made your donation. Five emailed you an instant thank you. Of those five, just one followed up with a tax receipt in the mail. Any guesses as to which charity you might continue to support? The power of a thank you email should never be underestimated.

Crafting the perfect donor journey is a fine balance If you want to keep your donors, you need to build a great donor journey—one that effortlessly moves your donors through every stage, turning leads into lifelong donors. In late 2022, I ran a Masterclass at an Industry conference where I shared a formula for creating an effective donor journey. The session sparked many "Aha" moments among the participants

Overwhelmed? Underperforming? Feeling a little lost in the fundraising woods?  A fundraising roadmap might be what you need. Creating a winning fundraising roadmap is all about proper planning and preparation—consulting stakeholders, using collected data as a guide, creating a goal-setting strategy, and adapting and refining your process as you go. To help you create the perfect roadmap, here are some key elements that you may have forgotten to

Organisations worldwide rely on a business tool given the title of a three-letter acronym to create successful appeals campaigns. Can you guess what it is? Client Relationship Management (CRM) is the backbone for how organisations manage donor relationships and interactions for current and potential donors. It’s an essential tool that allows organisations and businesses to gain important and insightful data of their target audience such as their