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October 2022

Are you about to begin creating a case for support for your nonprofit? Perhaps you have one already that you created some time back that needs a serious refresher. Wherever you’re at in your nonprofit journey, a standout, compelling, irresistible cause for support is a critical piece of communication that you need to get right. Here’s how: What is a “case for support”? Also referred to as a

If COVID has taught us anything it’s that digital fundraising is the way of the future. At first, migrating campaigns and processes to a digital platform can feel tedious but there is a lot more opportunity to reach people where they’re at, without having to rely on extensive manpower. Think about it! Your onboarding and acquisition or lead generation process can be fully automated. However, like every process,

When COVID-19 hit our shores, Australian charities and businesses alike were forced to deal with insurmountable change and uncertainty. Throughout forced closures and months of remote work, non-profits did a terrific job of adapting. And fast. They embraced the digital world with open arms, and turned face-to-face events into virtual fundraisers – some within the space of a few short weeks. This pandemic has changed the face of

The donor experience is a bit like relationships. If you don’t contact your donor after they’ve given you their best effort, they’ll feel unimportant. If you contact them daily to talk about yourself and demand commitment, they’ll run – fast! In contrast, a considerate, strong welcome journey will delight them and build trust. Here’s a rundown on the elements of a strong welcome journey that you can