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April 2021

As uncomfortable as it may be to start the conversation about leaving a gift in will, it never fails to surprise us how many organisations are afraid to ask their donors about where they stand. From the simple and discreet to the straight-to-the-point, bequest surveys are a great place to start and here’s how we suggest you can start implementing them.   Identify those most likely to

Reactivate your cold supporters with this simple three-part strategy. It’s been a while since they gave. They were once, passionate, excited and hopeful for the change their support could create. So what happened? When did they stop giving? Perhaps they are no longer in a position to support your cause but even if that’s the case, there are a few strategic actions you can take to reactivate

With increasing avenues for engaging in digital acquisition activities, below we unpack some creative ways to spread the word, grow awareness and get the right people talking about your cause or campaign. Ultimately, with a strong multi-channel strategy in place and a commitment to testing some outside-the-box thinking, connecting with the people who will fall in love with your mission will become more and more like

We all know that face-to-face programs when implemented well are effective at attracting and engaging your ideal supporter. So, where is it that these programs often fail? Below, we’ve discussed three important factors that will contribute to the success of your face-to-face program.   In fundraising, it always comes down to hiring the right people It goes without saying, that the people who are out there face-to-face with your

So, you’ve heard that a Regular Giving program could be the missing link to long-term financial stability. You know that there’s a bit involved to get it all up and running, but you have no idea where to start. Here are the four foundational areas to consider when planning your Face-to-Face or Regular Giving program.     Systems and processes will save you from the awkward conversations In this day

In times of emergency, every second counts. Being able to be the first to communicate with your donors will be advantageous. At Redstone Marketing, we advise the charities we work with to create a customisable crisis appeal kit that they can have handy when disaster strikes.   What is a crisis appeal kit and why do we need one? A crisis appeal kit is basically everything you need to

Planning an end-of-financial-year campaign requires more than good timing. It can also be tempting to rely on the added incentive of ‘tax deduction’ to carry your message. At Redstone Marketing we believe these are secondary to success and here’s why…   1. Every other charity will be using the same message At tax time, and just prior, every organisation under the sun will be highlighting the added incentive (which

From setting your objectives to clarifying your message, at Redstone Marketing and Design, we’ve formulated a unique briefing checklist for our clients to ensure that they launch a successful fundraising campaign. Objectives that align with your wider fundraising strategy When setting out to raise funds for a particular project, initiative or campaign, we always spend time with our clients to understand the priority of their goals, how they