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Q: What happens when you combine water, trees, photos, hashtags and a few handpicked social media influencers? A: A hugely successful campaign! In 2017, Boxed Water (an American company that sells water in sustainable packaging) gained significant momentum with a philanthropic campaign called The ReTree Project. By partnering with the National Forest Foundation, Boxed Water promised to plant two new trees for every Instagram photo posted using the hashtag #ReTree.

There are, quite literally, hundreds upon hundreds of Aussie awareness days. And not just days - but weeks and months too. Choose the right day (or week or month) that aligns with your cause.  Plan a fundraising strategy and use the existing momentum to gather support and raise donations. Sounds easy, right? The good news is, it is! If you’re not already doing so, or don’t quite know where

A new generation of donors is upon us. You know them as Gen Z, and they’re the tweens, teens, youth and young adults of our global society. They make up around 20 percent of Australia’s population, and globally there are two billion of them. Many of the big fundraising trends for 2019 revolve around their changing expectations. So if you don’t understand who they are and what

How and Why It’s So Important You’ve probably seen it before – an elderly couple in a community newspaper, hand in hand, celebrating decades of marriage. You read the article, because Albert and Mary are sharing their secrets to a long and happy relationship. This is where your donor database can be extremely helpful You already know that donors will support your non-for-profit for different reasons: they loved your

How To Turn Donors Into Life-Long Friends “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” We’re sure when Oscar Wilde wrote that, he wasn’t referring to a donor retention journey. And yet, it resonates so much – if you don’t care about your donors, how are they supposed to care about you? Lately, the term ‘donor retention’ has been a hot topic of conversation among fundraisers. The focus,

The impact of good design If you’ve ever questioned the impact good design can make on your fundraising, then you may want to read this: Eighteen years ago, for the 54th US Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush, someone decided to change the design of a ballot paper in the swing state of Florida. That someone, a Ms Theresa LePore, had good intentions: the majority of

The art of creating a successful direct mail pack If you've just read The art of creating a successful direct mail pack - Part:1 The foundation then welcome back, it's nice to see you again! If you’re new here, we suggest reading Part 1. Or not. It’s up to you. Either way the below info should come in handy next time you’re about to tackle a direct mail

The art of creating a successful direct mail pack - the foundation And because we’re all about sharing, we have written this post (two posts, actually!) just for you – to uncover exactly what it takes to create something meaningful that empowers donors to take action. Read on, friends.   You can’t expect the remarkable from a boring, lightweight, generic brief. You. Just. Can’t. A thorough brief is SO important, followed by

“How hard can it be anyway?” It’s tax time (yay!) and a client tells us they have an incredibly powerful case study to use for their direct mail campaign. They organise the interview and send through the transcript. But … In 10 pages of typed words, the only guided question is, ‘So tell me about your cancer experience’. Oh no! Needless to say, it becomes mighty difficult to write an