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October 2019

Right now, podcasts are popping There are more than 700,000 of them worldwide, over 29 million episodes and content in more than 100 languages. Despite being around for some 15 years, it’s a medium that’s only recently enjoyed a renaissance thanks largely to smartphones, accessibility and the enormous popularity of Serial. It seems nothing can stop their rise. And no matter what your interest – whether you’re a flat-earther, a

4 key ways to mobilise your donors and raise awareness of your cause Nothing beats a happy supporter. Why? Because a happy supporter is a passionate supporter – and that means they’ll be the best spokesperson for your cause. They’ll spread your message, sing your praises, empower others, get involved, share their story, and rally communities. A happy supporter is a powerful, cost-effective marketing and fundraising strategy. So if you’re

When you open your emails, it probably looks a lot like this: Work. News. Spam. Offers. Spam. Invites. Discounts. Spam. More spam. In fact, the average office worker receives 121 emails every single day. Safe to say, it’s a noisy, crowded and extremely competitive platform. And yet, email marketing is such an important tool for fundraisers. So how do you stand out from the crowd? What do you do

Right now, if you work for a non-profit, you have a problem: Australians just don’t trust you. It’s been slipping for a few years now and according to a major report released last year, it won’t stop - not unless some serious changes are made, and donor expectations are met. So before we let you know why trust is so dire and what you can do about it,

Q: What happens when you combine water, trees, photos, hashtags and a few handpicked social media influencers? A: A hugely successful campaign! In 2017, Boxed Water (an American company that sells water in sustainable packaging) gained significant momentum with a philanthropic campaign called The ReTree Project. By partnering with the National Forest Foundation, Boxed Water promised to plant two new trees for every Instagram photo posted using the hashtag #ReTree.

There are, quite literally, hundreds upon hundreds of Aussie awareness days. And not just days - but weeks and months too. Choose the right day (or week or month) that aligns with your cause.  Plan a fundraising strategy and use the existing momentum to gather support and raise donations. Sounds easy, right? The good news is, it is! If you’re not already doing so, or don’t quite know where