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June 2018

“How hard can it be anyway?” It’s tax time (yay!) and a client tells us they have an incredibly powerful case study to use for their direct mail campaign. They organise the interview and send through the transcript. But … In 10 pages of typed words, the only guided question is, ‘So tell me about your cancer experience’. Oh no! Needless to say, it becomes mighty difficult to write an

Lifting the Millennial Mask: What you need to know about Gen Y and Giving As Fundraising Consultants, it’s a question we get asked all the time: how, as fundraisers, do we connect with the next generation? How do we get a bunch of Millennials, often labelled as narcissistic and lazy, to care more about animal welfare or child poverty than their cherished avo on toast? Let’s start by saying this:   Unpacking